Quality & environment

A modern supplier should offer you more than just a product in perfect working order. 

Today a supplier’s added value is no longer determined by mere products. The characteristics of the underlying organization are at least equally important, as are the efforts made in the areas of quality and sustainability.

Quality counts
Machinefabriek Heerbaart’s products are often used in extremely heavy duty constructions and prominent projects where stakes are high. These products should obviously be manufactured with the utmost care and precision. That is why we put a very strong emphasis on quality. Besides the products themselves we also carefully consider the organizational processes that make them come about.

To prove our efforts  in the field of quality we can submit the following certificates and authorizations:

Apart from the above we can carry out any required or desired test and inspection, from ultrasonic to penetrant.

Eco-friendly and energy efficient solutions have become ever more important in today’s society. For a modern company such as Machinefabriek Heerbaart, this clearly entails the need to take responsibility. We do this by making sure our products contribute as much as possible to the creation of environmentally friendly systems.

Alternative energy
Our products are often involved in processes aimed at extracting energy sources or generating energy. The very fact makes us even more aware of the need for CO2 reduction. In view of this goal, we make every possible contribution to the development of alternative energy generation.


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