From a modest local company to an approved supplier for global brands

Machinefabriek Heerbaart was founded in 1921 and has earned an outstanding reputation as an innovative supplier of quality products for the (petro)chemical, hydraulic and filter industries.

Growth and focus

Machinefabriek Heerbaart originally started out as an one-man operation specialized in repairing small machines. However, activities soon started expanding rapidly, causing the company to move to a location more fit to accommodate further growth. In those days the oil and gas industry became the primary focus area. It wasn’t long before Shell and NAM added Machinefabriek Heerbaart to their approved supplier list.

Favourably located

Throughout the years Machinefabriek Heerbaart has never stopped developing. Some years ago it became clear that the company’s continued growth required even more physical space. As a result, Machinefabriek Heerbaart moved to its current premises, located at a very favourable spot − right next to the thoroughfare to Germany, highly accessible and with great connections for transporting your products.

We invest in manpower and machinery

Modern and fast

Machinefabriek Heerbaart boasts modern machinery. We have several computer controlled machines, such as lathes allowing for diameters up to 1,800 mm, and milling machines. What’s more, we stock large quantities of certified materials, including different types of staff materials, forging billets, semimanufactures, and sheet steel. As a result, we are capable of processing and delivering your specific orders forthwith.

Human factor

Apart from machinery we purposefully invest in manpower. We make sure that our staff take relevant courses on a regular basis. This ensures their up to date knowledge of technological and market developments, allowing them to contribute to our company’s innovative spirit. Obviously, at the end of the day, it is you, our customer, who reaps the benefits.

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