Markets & partners

International industry leaders count on Machinefabriek Heerbaart’s expertise.

Our activities are aimed at enterprises − or, as we prefer to call them, partners − in the oil and gas industry, the energy industry, the filter industry, and the hydraulics industry, both domestic and abroad.

Illustrious names
Machinefabriek Heerbaart equals trusted quality. This claim is supported by the fact that many of the world’s industry leaders have chosen to rely on our services. For instance, we are proud to say that a multinational such as Shell put us on its list of approved suppliers many years ago. In addition, NAM, BP Amoco, Gasunie, Total Fina, ABB Lummus Global, Stolt Offshore, Luk Oil, Conoco and other major organisations also count on our expertise.

A true partner
One of the reasons for Machinefabriek Heerbaart’s enduring success is in our constant effort to maintain partner relationships. We make sure that we meet our partners’ every demand when it comes to quality, flexibility and professionalism. Having said that, we attribute at least equal value to building a personal connection with our customers and suppliers. Just like a true partner should.

Strictest requirements
Our products are applied all over the world in systems where compliance with the strictest requirements as to build quality and reliability is paramount. These systems can be found, e.g., in oilrigs, offshore gas en oil extraction installations, filtering installations, windmills and (water) power plants.

Partner for your success
Do you wish your suppliers to offer more than just impeccable quality? Do you recognize the added value of flexibility and commitment? Then Machinefabriek Heerbaart fits your bill exactly. We are the partner that supports your success.


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